Education at Stourfield is free but there are some ‘extras’ for which we, unfortunately, have to ask for payment:   

Day Visits

In order to bring our teaching ‘alive’ and to motivate our children, we try to arrange appropriate day visits to places of interest. These involve transport costs and entrance fees that we are unable to meet from normal funds and we therefore have to ask for voluntary contributions from parents. It is school policy that no child is ever excluded from a day visit through inability to pay.

Residential Visits

We have a tradition at Stourfield of providing our Year 6 and Year 4 children with the opportunity of working away from school while staying in a residential centre. We make every effort to ensure that no child is excluded from a residential visit by the inability to pay but the larger sums of money involved means that we are not always able to find the funds to support the full cost for such children.


Although all books and paper will be provided, we do ask that your child comes to school with appropriate writing equipment and a ruler. A glue stick is also useful. Stationery items can be purchased from the school council shop on the playground during lunch time on Wednesday lunchtime from 12.35–1.00pm. We do ask that your child brings no more than £1 to school for any purchases. A price list is displayed in every entrance to the school.

Instrumental Lessons

The school offers children the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument in a group under the tuition of a visiting teacher from Bournemouth Academy of Music (BAM). These lessons are provided under the terms of the school’s Instrumental Lessons Policy. There is a termly charge payable in advance which is reviewed annually and stands at £57.50.