Our School Day

Our school day is as follows:

Morning: Registration Time 8.50 a.m
Afternoon: Finish School 3.15 p.m


Staff will be on duty at the doors to each entrance to the playground at 8:40, ten minutes before the beginning of school, when the doors to school open. Children can come straight into school as they arrive.

Children should not arrive before 8:40 since we are unable to guarantee their safety. Any child who arrives before this time remains the responsibility of the parent.

Our school doors close at 8:50. Any child arriving after that time must enter the building via the main office so that we can make sure they are registered as present in school.

At the close of school, all children should leave school promptly. We do not allow children to stay for after school activities without your written permission.

Should it be necessary to cancel an after school club, we will try to contact you, but in the event of this not being possible, the children will be kept in school until collected at the time the club normally finishes. Please notify the member of staff running the club in writing if your child is unable to stay on a particular day.

Please note that children are not allowed to play ball games on the playground before school and may only do so after school if directly supervised by an adult.

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