At Stourfield Junior School, we aim to provide a stimulating curriculum based around half-termly topics. These topics are led by a driver subject which could be eitherm science, geography, history, art, computing or DT, supported by one or two other of these subjects.

Each topic is launched with an ‘Entry Point Day’ event or day, where the children receive a taster of the topic content through fun, engaging activities. Some topics incorporate a trip or a drama workshop, and culminate in an ‘Exit Point’ to celebrate the children’s work and bring the topic to a conclusion.

Other subjects such as music, PSHE, PE, RE and Spanish, Music and Computing are taught discretely by specialist teachers of the class teacher.


Incorporating English

We believe that children write best when they are inspired by the content and when they have real outcomes for their writing.

We therefore aim to write across the curriculum and incorporate English skills into our topic sessions and vice versa.


Trips and Residential Visits

At Stourfield Juniors, we aim to bring the children’s learning to life by taking the children on as many trips as we can. We place enormous value on enriching the children’s learning experiences through visits, which usually take place each half term.

Here are some examples:


Year 3 – Scaplen’s Court

Year 4 – Leeson House Residential visit 3 days

Year 5 – Marwell Zoo

Year 6 – Bushcraft Residential Visit