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At Stourfield Junior School we use the Talk for Writing approach to help children become confident writers. This comes in three stages:

  • Imitation - the children learn a model text using actions and a text map in order to internalise and learn a good example of the writing we want them to achieve.  
  • Innovation - the children use what we have learned from the model text as a basis from which to craft their own version.
  • Invention - the children use everything they have learned to create their own, fully independent pieces of writing in the focus genre.


This year we have moved to a whole class reading model in order to help the children excel in the development of their reading skills. This approach ensures high levels of discussion and collaboration in pairs, as well as whole class work.  


We are using a Word Study approach to teach spellings at Stourfield Junior School. Through a series of lessons, the children will acquire and understand a range of spelling rules and skills. The acquisition of these skills will ensure that they develop into confident spellers. As a result, we will not be testing spelling each week. Instead, the children will be expected to use words, according to the rules being taught, in the context of sentences as part of their homework. We will also be looking to see that they are applying these spelling rules in their day-to-day writing.

Subject Documents Date  
WRITING OVERVIEW FOR YEAR 3.docx 02nd Jan 2019 Download
WRITING OVERVIEW FOR YEAR 4.docx 02nd Jan 2019 Download
WRITING OVERVIEW FOR YEAR 5 v2.docx 02nd Jan 2019 Download
WRITING OVERVIEW FOR YEAR 6.docx 02nd Jan 2019 Download