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Reading Vision 2022   SJSWriting Vision 2022   SJS



In writing, we follow an oracy first approach, where the children are exposed to some great authors and a variety of texts; the children then use the texts to create their own writing.


We use the No Nonsense spelling scheme to teach spelling. The scheme will cover all spelling rules and statutory spellings prescribed by the National Curriculum.  Children are given spellings to learn and to practise at home through the Spelling Shed website.


The children will access a range of fiction and non-fiction texts throughout the course of their reading sessions.  The children will be taught how to approach reading text questions using the following question types: Copycat (retrieval questions); Text Detective (inference questions) and Judge & Jury (evaluative questions).  In addition, over the course of the year, children will be read to from a reading canon for their year group in order to expand their vocabulary and foster a love of reading. Where identified through assessment, Early Reading is developed through the use of the accredited scheme of Little Wandle and delivered in small, attainment groups to ensure pecision teaching.


As required by the National Curriculum, all children will be expected to use a joined, cursive style when they write.  The school uses the Letter Join accredited scheme to inform how and when to join letters and progress in an adaptive yet coherant way.



Subject Documents Date  
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