Year 5 Home Page

Parents / Carers,

Thank you for supporting your child in their home learning.  If you have any queries about their home learning, please email their class teacher using this address

Please note emails will be dealt with between 8.45am and 3.15pm Monday to Friday.

Please Note:

When accessing our home learning, and to minimise print outs, please access the Timetable through the Timetable tab.
Please use the links given on the timetable to complete a given task online, wherever possible.
The PDF documents on our website are to give you a back up option (should you have internet connection problems) or a way to quickly find a worksheet.
The simplest and less print-intensive method of accessing learning will always be to use the links given on the timetable when you are able to.

Hello lovely year 5 parents/carers,

It is really heartwarming to receive your home learning and photos of other activities you are getting up to. Please keep sending your fabulous efforts across via email to!
For the art tasks only, please could you send these to us using SeeSaw. Nothing else should / needs to be sent over SeeSaw apart from Art – and the Year 5 teachers will only be able to respond once per week to items uploaded – however we are very excited to see what you send!
We know that home learning is a balancing act with our lives and responsibilities, so we are trying our best not to overload you.
There is no printing necessary for this pack. In fact, we are actively discouraging it.
These two weeks’ worth of learning aim to fill no more than 3 hours per day. For year 5, this means 3 activities per day; Maths, English/Comprehension and a different topic. The timetable below should make this clear. Only do the level of work that your individual home situation allows and always make the wellbeing of all your household your first priority.
Please try to make sure your child reads and does exercise EVERY day – both activities are incredibly important for their progress and wellbeing.

Hello Awesome Year 5,

We know that this is a funny way of learning for you. It is a funny way of working for us teachers too!
You do not have to finish everything – all we ask is you give your best effort and use your resilience.

Don’t forget that your teachers are just an email away and we want you to enjoy this learning experience. We love seeing what you’re getting up to but we are also here if you find anything hard or confusing. Our job is still to help and encourage you to learn, we just have to do it a little differently at the moment.

Remember, keep smiling and be kind 

Mrs Draper, Mr Selig, Miss Mercer, Mr Stacey, Mrs Richards and Mrs Clarke.

Year 5 timetable 180520

WB 25th May is Half Term - Enjoy a weeks away from Home Learning!

Year 5 timetable 010620