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Parents / Carers,

Thank you for supporting your child in their home learning.  If you have any queries about their home learning, please email their class teacher using this address

Please note emails will be dealt with between 8.45am and 3.15pm Monday to Friday.

Please Note:

When accessing our home learning, and to minimise print outs, please access the Timetable through the Timetable tab.
Please use the links given on the timetable to complete a given task online, wherever possible.
The PDF documents on our website are to give you a back up option (should you have internet connection problems) or a way to quickly find a worksheet.
The simplest and less print-intensive method of accessing learning will always be to use the links given on the timetable when you are able to.

Dear Year 4 parents/carers and children,

Here we are, back in the swing of learning from home during the Summer term. We hope you’ve found your rhythm and are working in a way that best suits you and your family. We have really enjoyed seeing some of the work that is being produced by the children, as well as photos of the fun things you’ve have been up to – I think we’ll have to sample some of the delicious baked goods when we’re back in school! Once again, we understand that you might not be able to fulfil every task or follow the suggested timetables so please do not feel pressure to do it all. If nothing else, some regular reading, spelling and handwriting practice, and keeping up with your times-tables, would be enough to keep the cogs turning.  Children learn a lot from everyday life too, so involving them in conversations, cooking, gardening, planning of shopping budgets and such like, are really useful tools, as well as focusing on life skills like tying a shoe lace or telling the time.

Please also see the accompanying letter 'Year 4 Letters to Parents Weeks 5 & 6' within this section for additional guidance.

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WB 25th May is Half Term - Enjoy a week away from Home Learning

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